Let's see if I can save some time and add this FAQ section to help answer some of those ?'s In time I'll add more to this section as I get asked (or if I think of them ahead of time- lol!). Can I call you? * I’m sorry, used to take calls here at my house but I no longer do that as it got out of control as some folks just didn’t understand that they couldn’t call any time they wanted. I can understand that this may bother some folks, but since this is only a part time gig for me, I’m not going to get a dedicated phone line at this point. Also, having everything in writing is a great way to keep your job documented so there are no questionable areas.. Why is there so much reading necessary on your site? * The reason there is so much reading required is because there are so many different manufacturers with specific precise dimensioning of their parts. To add insult to injury, even within their own companies, they've gone through size and design changes through the years. This is why I ask that you don't get upset with me if I ask a LOT of questions about what you're after. Help me help YOU! Why won't you make Archtop Pickup Rings? * The reason I do not make archtop rings anymore is because without having the body to custom fit the rings, it's next to impossible to get the bottom contour just right. Some customers are even willing to send their old rings to copy but in most cases, those rings go out of shape as soon as they're removed from the guitar body which ends up giving me a false template to copy from. One thing I will do is make the rings and leave the bottom flat for YOU to contour them if you like. Why won't you make all your parts out of wood? *While I’m now starting to make wood pieces (by overwhelming demand), I still do not make all parts from wood, simply because it's just too fragile to be dependable on certain parts. While it can look beautiful, they're just too easy to crack and break during installation (not to mention how that would piss you off!) and dry out over time and for the price it would cost to pay/make for them, it's just not worth it. Certain parts can be made, but I ask that you inquire about them before assuming they can definitely be made. How do I pay you and how much will that cost me? * Shipping and Handling costs will vary both domestically and internationally in most cases. The cheapest shipping I have is $4.50 Domestic or $16.00 - $18.00 US for international which is usually enough for a few backplates screws and or Tremolo bars. You can see my instructions by clicking on the "Ordering & Shipping" Link to the left on every page on my site. What is Anodizing and if I buy parts that need anodizing, how long will that take and why? * Anodizing is a process of adding color that is actually embedded into the part and it is not just paint. This process is not done by me as I have a company do this for me since this is something I don't have the time or the room for. Depending on scheduling, this can take up to 3 weeks so sometimes you can expect a part from start to finish to take up to 4- 5 weeks before finishing. I know it can seem long but it flies by quickly, trust me on this! lol! How long will it take to make and ship my parts? * I've already explained the time needed for anodized parts but plastic parts can usually be turned around in 2-4 weeks depending on how booked up I am. Why aren't your brass and aluminum parts clear coated so that they don't tarnish over time? * I have tried to find a company to do these for a reasonable price like I used to have, but unfortunately so far I have only found companies that did shoddy work or they charged and arm and a leg which would have to be passed onto the customer, and may I say, the price would have doubled making it just ridiculous. Do you do custom engraving? *Yes, I am doing custom engraving, please see the engraving page, but if you have any ideas you'd like to go over, I'd be happy to entertain them- Why do you need a templates for certain guitars? * Some particular guitars seem to have no standard whatsoever, even with the new models. I see you're out of a certain used part that I need, do you know when you'll be getting more in? * Unfortunately I never really know when I'll be getting used parts in again but if you'd like me to put you on the list, please shoot me an email- Do you make pickguards? * I do make some but not a lot as there are many manufacturers out there that are better equipped to do those. I will do them in some cases if those companies are not willing or don't have a template to make you one. Do you really make all the parts on your site or do you buy them and resell? * Yes, I make all of the parts except the things like pickup screws, neck screws and some other small hardware because so many customers have asked me to carry the basics so that they don't have to go to 10 different stores to buy everything. There's nothing more annoying than to have to pay $6.00 shipping for 4 pickup ring mounting screws. Why don't your parts come in pretty packaging? *The reason I do not spend money on pretty packaging is because that prevents the part from having a higher price ; - ) I've emailed you, why have you not replied? *There could be a few reasons but rule of thumb is to give me at least 2-3 days to reply to you. Please use text in the subject line otherwise it gets tossed ; - ) What is your return policy? *If you’ve ordered custom parts, unfortunately those can not be refunded. Now if it’s a repair that is needed, I can try to work it out for you as best I can, but this is why it’s important to work out all details at the beginning. If you’re trying to return a standard stock part, such as screws and hardware that I do not make or modify, then I can possibly give you your money back, but I will not be responsible for the shipping. Please note, any part that you’ve had in your possession for over 30 days is yours, and no longer my responsibility. What if my package gets lost in the mail? *I send the tracking information for every part that is shipped. When you see that it has been accepted by USPS on the website, it is out of my hands what they do with it. I can not be responsible for lost mail so it is up to you to watch the tracking, and follow up with the Post Office if something goes wrong. In regards to having the package insured, that is also up to you to ask me to add that.
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