Store Updated: 2/1/2015 Very Important Note** If you're sending parts to me to copy, modify, or use in some way, you can NOT send rigid parts in an envelope meant for a letter. The Post Office sorting machines will rip them open and lose or break your parts. If you're shipping an item to me, please pack it well, especially pickup rings that are fragile!!! Ordering Ordering with me is easy! Please contact me with your inquiry, order, address, and zip code and I'll gladly provide you with an exact shipping amount and payment information in a reply email to you. The reason I do not provide "across the board" shipping amounts is because I charge actual shipping plus a dollar or 2 to cover expenses. No "gouging" here! ;')  I don't offer website shopping because while I do carry many items in stock, not everything is available all the time so the last thing I would want, was for you to order something and then have you expecting to receive it the next day when it's not in stock.  Thanks for understanding! Paypal Info  The Shipping address MUST match the Paypal account address.  After you've emailed me your parts request, Paypal payments can be made by logging into your account and going to the "Send Payment" tab and then filling in the required info (pay as Goods ONLY). If you'd like it to be even easier because you're unfamiliar how to make a payment, just let me know your email address you use with Paypal and the method of shipping I gave you a choice of, and I can send a Paypal invoice right to you through Paypal. Paypal also accepts Credit Cards as well. Paypal payment use is now subject to a 3% additional cost and .30 cent per payment charge... they are truly getting out of hand with their charges, but it is a convenience to many of you who can not make it to the store to get a money order so I have no problem at all aceepting this. Contact Information:  Please go here to find the link to my email as I want to be sure you've read any updated information on the home page first. Shipping  Domestic A note about payments. If you're in the USA, I will ask that you send a US Postal Money order from the Post Office from now on, as PayPal has gotten out of hand with their costs, but I will still accept Paypal with their fees included (see Paypal info below). I do NOT accept any sort of personal or business checks. I use the US Postal Service which has served me very well. For smaller items, I can save you money as they can mostly be shipped first class. I will ship items any way you'd like whether it's Parcel post to save money, Priority to get you your parts, the quickest way possible and  Delivery Confirmation is always added to Domestic shipments so you can be sure to get your package. I can not be responsible for lost mail so please ask for other options. International Orders 1/22/2018 International Customers, PLEASE READ! So some very sad news has come from the United States Post Office. It seems that first class international pricing is going up to about twice as much as it was before. As you can imagine, this is not good for any of us. For International shipping, I only accept Paypal and the shipping address must be on the Paypal account. I use the US Postal Service which has served me very well. For smaller items, I can save you money as they can mostly be shipped First Class International Airmail. I will ship items any way you'd like via US Postal Service, but please keep in mind, I can not be responsible for lost mail. Express Tracking is the way to go for assurance of your parts arriving. It's expensive, (about $40) but you'll know you'll get your parts.  NOTE: I am not shipping to Italy any longer, sorry folks, but there are just too many problems with your postal service. Please keep in mind I will not be responsible for lost mail so please make sure you give me the correct address when inquiring. This is your responsibility.